Water and Sewer

The water in the village is supplied by Well#2, 343 N. Main Street and Well#5 on Prairie Road. The wastewater treatment plant is located at 400 N. Main Street. The wells and wastewater treatment plant are maintained by Midwest Contract Operations, P.O. Box 2108, Neenah, WI 54957-2108. Jason Crout is the certified operator for the Village of Oakfield. He can be contacted at (920) 539-6724.

Midwest Contract Operations

2017 Water and Sewer Rates- updated 1/1/17

Below are results from recent water samples:

Samples taken March 2016


Well #2

Well #5


23 grains/gallon

26 Grains/gallon


0.48 mg/l

0.23 mg/l


No detect

No detect



The Village of Oakfield has a policy for issuing sewer credits for water leaks, breaks or appliance failures.  Please click here to read the policy.  If you think you qualify for an adjustment on your bill, please click here for the Request for Leak Adjustment form.  This form MUST be filled out and turned in to the Village Office within 20 days of the billing date.