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7 Year Sewer Lateral Replacement Plan

Please continue to check the website linked below for information on your lateral to see if it has been televised.  

Copies of reports, pictures and/or video for each property's lateral can be viewed by clicking here.  Find your property and click within the green border.  There may be more than one page of information on your property.    



New Code Changes:

The Village of Oakfield operates the sanitary sewer system that collects and treats the wastewater.  Over the years the flows in the sanitary sewers have increased because clearwater is entering the system through defects and illegal connections on both public and private property.  The increased flows have caused violations of State of Wisconsin Codes resulting in the Department of Natural Resources issuing orders to the Village to reduce the flows to the sewers.  Much work has been done to eliminate the clearwater from the public portion of the sewer system.  Additional work is needed to reduce clearwater flows from the private portion of the system (home laterals, foundation drains, etc.).  To address these sources of clearwater the Village has passed updated ordinances that would require property owners to correct any sources of clearwater from their property.  Actions that may be required include replacing the sewer lateral from your home to the sanitary sewer main and/or installation of sump pumps where required.  A Public Hearing was held on January 23, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Oakfield Community Center.

Please click here for a summary of the new code changes. For the ordinance, click here.  A copy of the map for this project can be viewed here or viewed at the Village Office. 

For more information please contact the Village Office at 920-583-4400. 


Please check back for updates on this project as they become available.